Artnewscafe began writing its fascinating and dynamic history in 2008, on Otets Paisiy Str., Plovdiv, as an integral part of Sarieva Hub’s conception. At present, it has attracted numerous fans and followers around the globe, carrying forward and spreading the spirit of this specific “time-place” – artnewscafe.


Аrtnewscafe is a hybrid space whose conception includes multifarious permanent services and pop-up activities. It is a creative hub for initiatives and creative corners.


The space is situated in the very tourist center of the city – the pedestrian area of the colorful and historical Otets Paisiy Str. – where the avenue forms a quiet recess highlighted by the nearby garden. Running parallel to the Main Street and the bustling Tsar Boris III Boulevard, Otets Paisiy Str. possesses the specific aura of overlapping timelines, of transitions between the past and the present: goldsmith shops, familial enterprises and locations that preserve thousands of memories of the old Plovdiv’s families – Armenian, Jewish, Bulgarian. 

artnewscafe is part of a miniature art-island formed by Sarieva Gallery, the Art Advisory Cabinet, the FLUCA open stage for culture, as well as by various art and design offices. In the immediate vicinity are the Episcopal Basilica of Philippopolis, the Ancient Odeon, the City Garden and a number of recommended restaurants and hotels.


The architectural conception of artnewscafe, developed by MMXX architects Magdalena Matanova and Hristo Hadjiganchev, has been recognized and covered by various media, has attracted many followers and has been preserved unaltered in concept and design throughout the years.

Furthermore, everything about artnewscafe is exclusive – the space’s logo is a gift from artist Nedko Solakov, while the visitors have the chance of using design craft utensils – the glasses are manufactured by Dimitar Dilchev and the plates – by Monika Popova.


Artnewscafe has an event and pop-up activity program on its own and in collaboration. It is oriented towards contemporary lifestyle culture, city life, design, art, literature etc.  

Being an inclusive space and open community, Artnewscafe has its longtime friends who act as its ambassadors. The space regularly invites them along with other interesting people within the framework of its Friends Behind the Bar initiative where they all can be bartenders for one day and share their favorite activities, beverages and meals. 

Artnewscafe can serve as a place for various pop-up activities of external organizations. 

Artnewscafe also engages in philanthropic activities by supporting young artists and entrepreneurs through various platforms. 

Artnewscafe in the media

The events, design and overall experience at artnewscafe have been covered in the media many times. Some of the Bulgarian and foreign publications that have mentioned us over the years are BAKHUS, Bravacasa, Casaviva, EGO, Eva, Dnevnik, Kultura, Lik, EDNO and Modern Decoration.


Artnewscafe is part of Sarieva / Hub – an innovative hybrid environment which initiates improvements and provides services in the spheres of culture, art, education and city life. It is a hub of organizations and spaces with their own agendas and foci. Sarieva combines commercial services, philanthropic enterprises, educational programs and resources, as well as social activities.

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